"I was thinking about asking Gina for help for a while before I decided to do it. I was SO GLAD when I did! Having Gina here to help has been a God-send. As a wife, a mother of five children and a massage therapist, I can spend the time I’m home enjoying my family and not worrying about a messy home. Gina has been reliable, efficient, and my home has been kept clean – and this is a Big Stress Relief to me! THANK YOU GINA!"
- Madeleine, Redford MI

"Hi Gina, The house looks great. Thank you so much."
- Erica, Livonia MI
"Gina does a great job and I really trust her. My dog was barking when he heard someone was at the door and stopped barking and started waging when he saw it was Gina…he trusts her too!!"
- Laurie, Livonia MI
"You really did a great job today. The house looks spectacular. You’re a very hard worker. I wish I could have given you a snack. Well, thank you so much and I’m really glad I found you. Have a good week."
- Chris, Plymouth MI
It was nice coming home to a clean house. Can we do every other week?
- Jan, Livonia MI
Everything looks great. I would like you to come in two weeks and do the whole house.
- Cheryl, Livonia MI
Thanks for doing a nice job cleaning my house Gina.
- Tony, Livonia MI 

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